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What Can I Do with a Major in the Geosciences?

Real jobs for college graduates who major in geography, geology, or geophysics.

 Explore your career choices in this section of MyCollegeSuccessStory, which provides you with real job titles and careers that correspond with specific college majors. While your degree is important, so too is what you major in while in college. 

Job titles for graduates with geography, geology, or geophysics degrees:

  • Aerial Photo Interpreter

  • Agricultural Extension Agent

  • Air/Water Quality Control Specialist

  • Assayer

  • Cartography Compiler

  • Computer Mapper

  • Demographer

  • Earth Scientist

  • Ecologist

  • Environmental Impact Analyst

  • Environmental Quality Specialist

  • Gemologist

  • Geographer

  • Geographic Information Systems Specialist

  • Geologist

  • Geomagnetist

  • Geophysical Software Support Specialist

  • Geophysical Analyst/Technician

  • Geophysics Assistant

  • Geotechnical Engineer

  • Hazardous Waste Planner

  • Heavy Oil Geologist

  • Hydrologist

  • Laboratory Technician

  • Land-Use Analyst

  • Outdoor/Park Guide

  • Map Editor

  • Map Librarian/Curator

  • Marine Geologist

  • Meteorologist/Climatologist

  • Mineralogist

  • Mining Engineer

  • Petroleum Technician

  • Pollution Remediation Specialist

  • Remote Sensing Analyst

  • Scientific Photographer

  • Sedimentologist

  • Seismologist

  • Soil Analyst

  • Surveyor

  • Teacher, Science

  • Transportation Analyst

  • Urban Planner

  • Volcanologist

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